4.11 This is the end

This is the end of it. If you mastered all we have written about 4tH, you may be just as proficient as we are. Or even better. In the meanwhile you may even have acquired a taste for this strange, but elegant language. If you do, it may be time to step up to Forth, since 4tH does have it limitations. This is in no way an obligation. If you feel comfortable with 4tH, please do stick with it! Note that 4tH played a part in creating these documents.

If you need any help, you can contact us by sending an email. Note that we do appreciate any input, so if you've written a state of the art application in 4tH, used 4tH in some special way or do have any comments or suggestions on 4tH, we'd like to hear from you!

We'd like to thank you for putting so much effort in 4tH. We tried to be of assistance and we hope we did it well!