smart_go wordset


-- smart outer interpreter

Copyright (C) Tektronix, Inc. 1998 - 2001. All rights reserved.

description: Smart Outer Interpreter allows to register executions tokens that get tied to a single char - if the outer interpreter Compatiblity with former standards, miscellaneous useful words. ... for TOOLS-EXT


creates a set of interpret-words that are used in the inner interpreter, so if a word is unknown to the interpreter-loop it will use the first char of that word, attach it to an "interpret-" prefix, and tries to use that IMMEDIATE-DEFER-word on the rest of the word. This SMART-INTERPRET-INIT will set up words like interpret-" so you can write <c>"hello"</c> instead of <c>" hello"</c> and it creates interpret-\ so that words like \if-unix are ignoring the line if the word \if-unknown is unknown in itself. This is usually not activated on startup.


enables/disables the SMART-INTERPRET extension in INTERPRET , (actually stores an XT in DEFER inside the mainloop interpreter)


constructor primitive SMART-INTERPRET-LOADED

an executable word (no special usage info)

or wrapper call around smart_interpret_init