PFE Documentation 0.30.x

PFE Documentation (for Release 0.30.x)

Make A New Dist
how to create a new tarball or series of RPM packages, or to recreate the autoref documentation.
Tuning The Forth VM
explains steps to enhance the speed of the Forth VM
How To Write A PFE Module
explains the steps to create a dynamically loadable pfe extension module
Some Internal Decisions
explains the structure of the headers of forth words and the reasons for its differences over FIG-forth
StateSmart words
PFE has made many compile-only words statesmart to make life of a regular forth user easier. However, it can mean trouble if used with postpone . Here are the details.
Special Implementation Strategies
explains the solutions that were take to common problems in the implementation of an ansiforth'94 compatible system and the means to extend such a system.
Dirk Zoller's README
the README from PFE version 0.9.10
the License
is the LGPL - the Lesser GNU Public License
references to (online) literature

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