"Option Words For Almost-Non-Volatile Environment"

the openfirmware standard specifies some means to add
options to a non-volatile ram-area (nvram) that are used
in the bootup sequence of the forth-based bootsystem.
Here we add an internal API for looking for bootup options,
an internal API to add bootup options through commandline
processing, and an external API to change the bootup options
for a COLD reboot or an APPLICATION specific sequence.
The external API will try to follow openfirmware as closely
as possible without having a real non-volatile ram-area.
Instead there is a session-struct that can be changed and
from which multiple forth-threads can be instantiated
later using those options. The forth-instantion processing
is not supposed to scan for commandline options, which is
a mere necessity in embedded enviroments where option
transferal is done in a completly different way and where
the forth thread is never killed but just stopped or
restarted for various reasons. Even that there is no real
nvram we add a cold-options reboot-area in this wordset.
The option-ram is organized just along a normal dictionary
just need to add a wordlist-handlestruct to find the
definitions in this dictlike ram-portion.
Tektronix CTE %version: bln_mpt1!1.22 % GNU LGPL

no special info, see general notes

option ordinary constant