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(C) Guido U. Draheim



DEBUG( "word" -- ) [FTH]  => "FORTH"

this word will place an debug-runtime into the CFA of the following word. If the word gets executed later, the user will be prompted and can decide to single-step the given word. The debug-stepper is interactive and should be self-explanatory. (use NO-DEBUG to turn it off again)

primitive code = [p4_debug]

NO-DEBUG( "word" -- ) [FTH]  => "FORTH"

the inverse of " DEBUG word "

primitive code = [p4_no_debug]

(SEE)  => "FORTH"

(no description)

primitive code = [p4_paren_see]

ADDR>NAME( word-addr* -- word-nfa*!' | 0 ) [FTH]  => "FORTH"

search the next corresponding namefield that address is next too. If it is not in the base-dictionary, then just return 0 as not-found.

primitive code = [p4_addr_to_name]

COME_BACK( -- ) [FTH]  => "FORTH"

show the return stack before last exception along with the best names as given by ADDR>NAME

primitive code = [p4_come_back]