f-trunc-to-s:floating_misc — ordinary primitive


FTRUNC>S (f: x -- s: n )(); 


The word F>S was sometimes defined with a different behavior than FTRUNC>S which is the type-cast behaviour of C according to C99 section - truncation would also match the ANS-Forth specification for F>D.

Some systems used F>S defined to FROUND>S instead. The pfe provides explicit words for both conversions, the word FROUND>S and FTRUNC>S which return single-cell parameters for a floating point number with the conversion method of FTRUNC or FROUND.

In PFE, F>S is a synonym pointing to FTRUNC>S in analogy of the behavior of F>D where no explicit word exists. The inverse of F>S is the cast conversion of S>F.