* BEHAVIOR ( xt1 -- xt2 )

get the execution token xt2 that would be executed by the >DEFER
identified by xt1.

This command is used to obtain the execution contents of a deferred
word. A typical use would be to retrieve and save the execution
behavior of the deferred word, set the deferred word to a new behavior,
and then later restore the old behavior.

If the deferred word identified by _xt1_ is associated with some
other deferred word, _xt2_ is the execution token of that other
deferred word. To retrieve the execution token of the word currently
associated with that other deferred word, use the phrase BEHAVIOR BEHAVIOR .

Many years of use in OpenBoot and OpenFirmware systems.
(Proposed for ANS Forth 2001)

In PFE it is the inverse of an >IS operation and it will never fail
if applied to a word with atleast a body. That's just like >IS can
be applied to almost every DOES> word where >BEHAVIOR will get
the value back.

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